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Marketing Table of Contents Overview of article 3 Objective of article 3 Target Markets 4 Marketing Concepts 5 Course of Action 5 Reference 7 Overview of article The article is a demonstration of the popularity of fake fur products over products made of real fur.


Fashion directors and designers have been increasingly surprised with the ongoing trend of high end sales of faux fur products. Major online sites and retail stores inclusive of the high end designer brands as well as the mass market retailers have been showcasing huge stocks of materials and garments which look like cheetah, beaver or mink. However, the surprising points which the article depicts are that the materials coming from Japan and Europe are extremely high in terms of quality and sustainability. Moreover they offer greater variety in terms of designs and textures and at the same time come at a lower price than real fur. In other words, the article speaks about the emerging trend towards consumption of faux fur over real fur over the years both by the general public as well as the celebrities. Objective of article The objective of the article is to put forth the various attributes of faux fur which has made it immensely popular among consumers. Some of the products which have helped to have an edge over real products are that they allow greater flexibility and resistance towards tough conditions and hazards. Additionally, they are also available at much lower prices in comparison to the products which are made of real fur. ...
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