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Competition always threatens to reduce the amount of sales recorded by each product.Because of this,manufactures of various products or providers of various services are forced to engage in regular advertisements These adverts are meant to capture the attention of consumers and provoke them to purchase a certain product or use it. Advertising involves the repetition of the name or image of a product with the aim of associating it with particular qualities with the brand in the minds of the consumers. The “holidays are coming” is a Coca Cola advertisement which features a train composed of red delivery trucks bearing the Coca Cola name are beautified with Christmas lights (Coca Cola video). The train drives along a snowy landscape and as it passes, it causes everything on its path to light up and people at the sides watch as delivery lorries pass by. This advert uses holiday campaigns and excitement as its advertising strategies. This advert made people to be aware that the celebration season is back once again and this goes hand in hand with drinking. This motivates consumers to start treating themselves with Coca Cola drinks. It also reminds them to purchase or save money for buying coca-cola drinks for Christmas celebrations. The Coca Cola Company had stopped using the train advert in 2001. However, it was brought back in 2007 because many consumers called the company’s information center saying that they considered the advert as a mark of the beginning of Christmas. ...
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Competition always threatens to reduce the amount of sales recorded by each product.Because of this,manufactures of various products or providers of various services are forced to engage in regular advertisements …
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