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Google or Yahoo?

After conducting an extensive study of the prevailing market share, features and services of Yahoo and Google, it can be concluded that Google gains a competitive advantage over Yahoo. Google has been able to increase their products and services over an elongated period of time by perfecting each one of them before stepping into newer domains. On the contrary, over diversified efforts and lack of a consistent vision has caused Yahoo’s efforts to be diverted in a wide range of services. Gmail offers greater storage and speed performance as compared to Yahoo mail. Google Adwords is based on more reliable and rewarding marketing strategies that help their clients to gain greater return on their investments. Greater coverage of Google helps their clients to cover a greater segment of web users. ...
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Google has been able to sustain a stronger position and retain greater number of web visitors due to the adoption of innovative strategies and effective decision making, as compared to Yahoo. This paper shall highlight some of the factors that have enabled Google to gain competitive advantage over his competitor, Yahoo…
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