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Crimestoppers is a national program that was begun on a local, regional and national level to fight crime. The program brings together law enforcement, private citizens, the media to find criminals


At the time, a young college student was killed and they could not find any other leads about this crime. He realized that there was someone in the community that could help solve the murder of this college student and he knew that people would come forward if they could do it anonymously, they would be paid for a lead that led to solving the crime and the media televised the first “Crime of the Week.” Within 72 hours, three men were arrested who had committed the killing of the college student and they realized this was a good idea; Crimestoppers officially began on September 8, 1976. To date, Crimestoppers has been showed to reach all corners of the world and they have a particular presence in “Nation/Regions of the United States, Canada, Caribbean and Latin America, Europe, Australia, and the South/Western Pacific” (Crimestoppers USA, par. 4). The Crime Triangle the Program Addresses Crimestoppers attempts to address all aspects of the crime triangle. They realize that someone in the community knows when a crime is committed and they know who has committed the crime. ...
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