Land and valuation of land along with various land investments

Land and valuation of land along with various land investments Research Paper example
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PREFACE In 1776, the year the Declaration of Independence was signed; four in five Americans were farmers. Looking 100 years later, one in five Americans were farmers. In 100 more years into the future, one in ten Americans would be farmers. And thanks to technology, one farmer could feed 40 people in the city, but there were three times as many people farming at this time using the modern system.


Modern advances has allowed and required smaller farms to grow so that he/she could survive. Many small 40 and 80-acre farms have given way to larger farms several hundred to several thousand acres in size, cattlemen with small herds grew their herds and increased the size of their operations to survive. In addition, work forces became smaller, young farmers moved off the farms to the city for another kind of life, many current farmers today are aging and growing older, work forces have become specialized specific to certain operations. Furthermore, certain crops, large amounts of capital, amassing of larger amounts of land for production, modernization, and business education and management became necessary for the farmer or rancher to survive. Farmers and ranchers are stereotyped to be naive, simpletons, country bumpkins, uneducated, hard working people who love the simple life. Some of the farmers think that they are incapable of thinking for themselves, being independent thinkers and doers, and probably only believe what the last radio talk show host or speaker he/she last heard, to him or her. Nothing could be further from the truth. ...
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