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Introduction:  Company G is a well-established firm that is highly regarded in the electronics market. Its  mission statement is as follows:  “We enable consumers to improve the quality and convenience of their lives by providing  high-quality, innovative electronic solutions.”  Company G’s engineers and designers have developed a line of small appliances that the  company feels can be very successful in the small-appliance market.


are creating the new plan, all details of the  company’s existing electronics marketing plan are to be considered irrelevant. The intent is  that current strategies, practices, etc., will be considered for relevance and possible  continuance only after your new plan has been presented to and is understood by top  management.  Given:  Company G’s team of engineers and designers have developed a line of top-quality small  appliances, and through concept and prototype testing, they have shown that the visual  design features are very appealing to potential buyers and give a distinct impression  associated with quality and artistic elegance. ...
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