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Critical Analysis Table of Contents 1.0.Overview 3 2.0.Insights 4 3.0.Importance 4 4.0.Motivation 6 5.0.The Research Problem 7 6.0.Theoretical Framework 8 7.0.Literature 9 8.0.Research Method 10 9.0.Sample Selection 11 10.0.Validity 13 11.0.Analysis 13 12.0.Conclusion and Recommendations 15 References 16 Bibliography 18 1.0.


al. (2001). The objectives of these journals along with the importance of the discussion constructed in these journals will also be taken into account while interpreting their criticality. The research methods, literatures and analyses criteria considered in these journals will be taken as significant parameters to analyse the validity at large. Hereafter, the two journals will be observed as Journal A and Journal B respectively. To be precise, the two journals considered for this paper are as follows. Journal A: ‘A Longitudinal Analysis of Satisfaction and Profitability’ by Bernhardt & et. al. (2000) Journal B: ‘The Job Satisfaction-Job Performance Relation: A Qualitative and Quantitative Review’ by Judge & et. al. (2001) 2.0. Insights The study presented in Journal A is focused on examining the linkage existing between customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction. The primary intention of the Journal is to throw light on the gap observed in literatures, where the linkage between the two factors, i.e. customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction in relation to the overall organisational profitability were many a times depicted through qualitative means but lacked in a longitudinal analysis. ...
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