Marketing Management

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Name of student: Course: Tutor: Date of submission: Task 1 Role of marketing in helping charities to achieve their objectives Charitable organizations, just like any other organization, need to be marketed to succeed in their operation. The urge to show ability to spend and compete favourably in the larger market contributes highly for the reasons for marketing.


This has also resulted into people being selective on their taste and choice (Wymer, Knowles & Gomes, 2006). The internet has been of great importance when it comes to enlightening them on the best choice to go for at any given time. This is because they have been able to get access to prices, quality, benefits and value cutting across a wide range of goods and services. For instance, various sites have contributed greatly in exposing various charitable organizations, and help them acquire supports inform of donations and contributions. In addition, many charity organizations have created websites in order to make such efforts effective and the need to indulge people in true dialogue rather than just simply broadcasting messages to them. One of the obligations for the success of this technique is the use of softer skills and collaborations; this must be accompanied by open sharing of information, honest discussion of views and goals amongst others (Wymer, Knowles & Gomes, 2006). . Understanding and getting appropriate answers is very crucial for charities just as commercial brands, this becomes useful when communicating with supporters and reaching out to supporters who need their services and support. ...
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