Sleepy Inn Motel: A Marketing - Case Study Example

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Sleepy Inn Motel: A Marketing

The addition of a restaurant to the Sleepy Inn could also generate some more business. When people get up after their night in a motel, the last thing that some of them want to do is to have to dress up really nice to go to breakfast—especially if they’re on vacation. Flip-flops, a comfortable, old, worn T-shirt, and jeans might be the preferred clothing of choice. Having a restaurant in the inn, not only do the patrons of the motel not have to dress up in anything special for breakfast, but with excellent service and reasonable prices—motel patrons may be tempted to just eat breakfast in the motel, especially if Huang decides to make the restaurant or eating area an area for eating a free continental breakfast. Usually, a continental breakfast is a complimentary element that motel managers seek to include in their package. Huang might consider taking a portion of the fee from the $75 for the room to cover free continental breakfast instead of having to have to manage a restaurant within the motel. There is no necessity to have a restaurant—in fact, it could bring more problems than it's worth. Having an area that still has juice, coffee, and rolls—but with a more ‘spiffy' appearance, instead of just an informal smorgasbord in the lobby area—could definitely suit the needs of travelers who are looking for a classier place to eat. Becoming part of the Days Inn chain seems like it might be Huang's best bet to stay in business. As it is, the business is currently losing revenue. ...
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The paper "Sleepy Inn Motel: A Marketing Case Study" discusses the three things that Huang needs to do in order to ensure success: build an indoor pool; build or offer a restaurant or restaurant-like atmosphere with a free continental breakfast and become part of the franchise of Days Inn…
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