New Media and Consumer Behaviour

New Media and Consumer Behaviour Essay example
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New media and consumer behaviour BY YOU YOUR SCHOOL INFO HERE DATE HERE New media and consumer behaviour Introduction Social media is changing how marketers relate to their customers over that of traditionalist customer relationship management practices and advertising.


This paper provides a critical discussion of how the presence of social media influences or shapes consumer behaviour with real-world examples of social media as a contemporary marketing and relationship-building tool. The dynamics of social media and consumer psychology Smith (2009) identifies that blogging, video-sharing and social networks are entering mainstream and are no longer a niche market activity in multiple demographic groups. User-generated content materials have improving the ability of consumers to publish their opinions about products and services and also improve the relationships with the global and local communities. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter allow for instant publication of thoughts and ideas whilst also providing consumers with a new visibility, especially related to video-sharing, that fulfils their needs for affiliation. Bainbridge (2009) informs that consumers are also demanding portability with their electronic devices, thus advancements in smart phone development and similar devices give portable access to social networking to serve as a form of diary for their current thoughts and impressions on a variety of different subjects and social commentaries. ...
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