Marketing: The Buying Process

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The Buying Process Every product or service has a buying process, even digital products or services. In this assignment, we will research and analyze the buying process from business point of view for Smoothie Juice-maker, which is product that can be ordered online.


Problem Recognition From business or marketing perspective, this stage of buying process is very different from the consumer’s perspective. “With most customer buying process models, the approach begins with the determination by the consumer that he or she has a need or a want that must be fulfilled” (Tatum, n.d.). Consumers identify their needs at this stage and then search for the alternatives whereas online companies determine the needs of the consumers to provide them with their desired products and services. If a consumer places an order of Smoothie Juice-maker with an online company, the management of the company will recognize all needs and specifications mentioned by the consumer in order to provide him/her with the required product. At this stage, businesses look at various aspects of the requirements of the consumers to determine whether they are able to fulfill the needs of the customers or they will have to refer the customer to some other online company. Consumers place their orders online to a company based on their needs and requirements and the company examines the orders to make it put whether they can be fulfilled or not. This stage holds great importance in the overall buying process because at this stage, a company determines whether it can move on with the rest of the buying process or not. Continuity of the buying process depends on the requirements of the consumers. ...
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