Qantas Consumer Behaviour Theory

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Qantas Consumer Behavior Theory s Table of Contents Qantas Consumer Behavior Theory 1 s 1 Table of Contents 2 Strategic Planning Theory 3 Concept 3 Benefits It Obtains Strategically 3 Positioning Theory 4 Concept 4 Benefits It Obtain Strategically 4 Customer Value Theory 5 Concept 5 Benefits It Obtains Strategically 6 Recommendations 6 References 7 Strategic Planning Theory Concept Strategic planning is regarded as a methodical procedure of imagining an anticipated vision, and converting the vision into extensive aims or purposes and developing a structure of phases to attain it.


The major purpose of using strategic planning concept is to help organizations understand how they can compete in future (Kotler & et. al., 2007). Benefits It Obtains Strategically As the customers’ demand for air travel has increased after the year 2000, several airline organizations have provided discounted fares for travellers. Thus, to survive in the airline industry, Qantas applied the strategic concepts in their operations. The first strategic move was to acquire ‘Impulse’ in the year 2001. It has provided the benefit of using Impulse’s low operating expenses. The second strategic move was to take advantage of breakdown of one competitor, ‘Ansett’ in the same year. It has provided the benefits of capturing large market share (Bamber & et. al., n.d.). In reaction to the fierce competition from Virgin Blue, Qantas has introduced an inexpensive flight named ‘JetStar’. ...
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