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Essay example - UNIQLO Company, Global Marketing Analysis

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UNIQLO Company, Global Marketing Analysis Essay example
Pages 15 (3765 words)
Table of Contents
Section One 3
Introduction 3
History 3
Operations, strategies, markets and distribution channels 5
Section Two 6
The internationalization process 6
Internationalization frameworks 7
1. The internationalization process framework 7

Extract of sample

2. The Uppsala Model 8
Section Three 11
Macro environmental analysis 11
Market specific analysis 14
Section Four 16
Market Entry Modes 16
List of references 19
Section One
Uniqlo Company limited is a Japanese clothing company. The name Uniqlo was as a result of the combination of ‘Unique’ and ‘clothing’ (Frankel, 2011). This company specializes in the manufacturing and retailing of casual wear (Uniqlo, 2012). It was first established in 1984 by Tadashi Yanai and opened its first shop in Hiroshima in that same year. The company was originally a division of the Fast retailing Company limited, a retail holding company. Fast retailing company owns many other brands that include Aspesi, foot park, National Standard and Princess Tam-Tam among others (Fast Retailing, 2010). Uniqlo has continued to be in existence in the fashion industry for a long period of time making impact and changing the perceptions people hold of the fashion industry. In 2005 its management restructured it and separated it from Fast Trading Company to form a new wholly owned subsidiary called Uniqlo Company Limited. It was during the same period of time that it became listed on the Tokyo Stock exchange (Fast Retailing, 2010). Uniqlo is currently headed by Yadashi Yanai who was its founder and president but has other managers in the various outlets of the company.
Uniqlo first began its operations in Hiroshima where it opened its first shop in 1984. ...
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