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Company Analysis Name Tutor Course Date Memorandum To: Mr. Alistair Wu From: Operations Consultant Priority: Date: Re: Production Challenges at Shuzworld Basically, the research is based on the recommendations on how to solve production challenges at Shuzworld.


To increase production efficiency, the managers have the great responsibility of realigning operations including the production flow layout, making changes to the staffing plan, as well as other logistics such as warehousing and distribution. This memorandum looks at three key issues at the Shuzworld namely improvement of the current workflow, the introduction of a new project, and staffing plan in order to increase efficiency and output). The memorandum also looks at some short-term scheduling techniques and rules that can be used to achieve efficient movement of units through Shuzworld production systems. Re: Improvement of the Current Workflow The current workflow in the plant can be improved through the process of assembly line balancing. According to Heizer and Render (2011) in order to produce at a particular rate it is important that management is aware of the current work methods, tools and equipment that are in use. The length of time that each task requires must also so be determined. Additionally, the sequence in which each task should be performed must be identified. The precedence diagram which is shown below illustrates the precedence relationship among the tasks to be performed on the workboot assembly line, the time taken to carry out the tasks labeled A to H, and the tasks which can be done at the same time. ...
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