Marketing: The Wharton Challenge

Marketing: The Wharton Challenge Essay example
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The Wharton Challenge Introduction Technology has been in existence for many years and during that period, it has advanced in a remarkable manner. Inventions such as the steam engine mark the beginning of technology advancement (Downes and Mui 1998, p1). Today, communication has made it possible for individuals to communicate and make business transactions at the comfort of their homes and workplaces.


In order to serve their customers better, businesses have initiated Internet programs that integrate Web users, mobile phone users (the consumers) and the products and services providers (the businesses). Neuroscience has also found its place in marketing and it has been used to study the behaviour of consumers in regard to the technologies they use. Despite the enormous benefits of these technologies, there are risks associated with them such as high cost and difficulty to implement (Anderson and Stang 2000, p7). There are future prospects that these technologies will enhance how consumers and businesses interact. The Wharton Challenge  Wharton challenges marketing and he suggests that marketing closes the gap created by academic marketing; it is also challenged to get more involved with the academic marketing practitioners. Marketing is further challenged deal with the problems of great relevance such as main societal concerns, looking for the best ways for innovation, promoting the worth of marketing in the company, and understand the new marketplace (Day, Reibstein, and Wind 2009). These issues are of great importance since they have emerged with the advancement in technology. ...
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