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Newspaper should not be produced in U.S.

introduction of internet and television have greatly affected business of newspaper. People can easily find information in relation to a business proposal or advertising by browsing through internet. In this situation why one will prefer to buy newspaper. Therefore, newspaper profits are declining very rapidly. Present condition of economy proposes that newspaper should not be produced mainly in US because many audit reports have shown negative financial condition of the industry and its popularity is fading day by day. Therefore, it will be suitable to stop producing newspaper and promoting this phenomena more on the basis of internet or other electronic devices (Abbott Jez, 2010). 1.2 Reasons There are many reasons which support this idea that newspaper should not be produced in US. Some of which are described below: Affect of internet and television By 1990s till present news are made available 24 hours on television channels. Introduction of internet have opened new challenges for the business world. News is updated on daily basis through internet. These two mediums have reduced the usage of newspaper in many parts of the world including US. Payment circulation of newspaper has been declined as compared to the revenue collected through advertisement on internet. There has been a major shift from print media to new media. This has lead to decline in the profits of newspaper. ...
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NEWSPAPER SHOULD NOT BE PRODUCED IN US Author (Your (Your Date due 1.1 Introduction Newspaper has proved to be one of the important medium of providing information to the people. In past decades, it was widely used to be aware of the transactions in a country…
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