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Foundries Name Course Tutor Date Foundries Introduction Foundries are world industries in a class of their own. It started business in 2009 with an objective to be a leading manufacturer in foundries. Within a short period, they had expanded their business with a secure and flexible supply.


More industries are now having a global perspective of foundries hence transformation is very easy. New models especially those in semiconductors field that have a great impact in our lives, are very crucial for one's success a field like these. Initially it has been in AMD manufacturing arm they have great assets in the leading technology and manufacturing capabilities. Foundries vision is to be a first truly world semi conductor foundry, to harness the resources of the world in order to deliver maximum value to its customers and unlock the potential for innovation. Its mission is to create a customer experience, through collaboration, exceptional service, successful innovation, and excellence in manufacturing. Major buyers and competitors It has more than 150 customers with a span of over three continents, these have created a new avenue to innovate, to drive, and develop semiconductor technology. They have state of the art manufacturing centers in United States of America, Singapore, and Germany. The high volume and fast yield advance technologies facilitate its marketing. The footprint of this global manufacturing firm has a major support of research facilities. These have enabled the design and development of semiconductor hubs, in Asia, Europe, and United States. The companies have outsourced the paradigm of manufacturing. ...
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