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Essay example - Marketing Analysis for Acer Hi-Fi System

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Marketing Analysis for Acer Hi-fi System Name: Class: Presented to: Date: Market Analysis for Acer hi-fi System 1.0 Introduction Technology advancement has greatly revolutionized the music industry as witnessed by rapid development of new products to suit the market needs, tastes and preferences of different market segments…

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Acer has been known for a long time as electronic producing company especially computer products. Recently, the company has entered the music product industry where its asserting is presence in the market by introducing unique and superior products in the market, hi-fi clear system being one of such products. To assert its presence in the music industry, Acer has embarked on market analysis mission for its hi-fi music system for business growth and increase in its market share. 2.0 Situational Analysis/ Opportunity Identification Situational analysis and opportunity analysis involves a clear definition of opportunities available to an organization’s operating environment both internally and externally and the challenges thereof (Stevens, Sherwood and Dunn, 1993, 7). This helps the managers to make appropriate strategic decisions to tap into the opportunities and overcome the challenges present. 2.1 Market Analysis Given that Acer group of companies has a global presence, it has a market potential to market its Acer hi-fi system to over 300 million middle and upper income class who forms its target market. This market segment has a higher purchasing power and superior tastes for high quality products. ...
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