Issues in Global Business and Consultancy

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Issues in Global Business and Consultancy Course and code Date Executive Summary In reality, issues relating to global business and consultancy are matters of concerns to companies. GlaxoSmithKline Company is not an exception. The company strives despite the challenges in the global business, including economic disparity among different states barring affordability, diseases outbreak, increasing cost of production and transportation to achieve their mission.


The choice for those locations is due to the technological advancement and industrial production and as part of the globalisation strategy. As a result of the globalisation and to its contribution to the worldwide healthcare needs, the company ranks among the research–oriented healthcare and pharmaceutical companies in the world. Indeed, this has made the company to play a leading role in making sure that the global population remains healthy. As well, the company benefits from its global business approach, and enjoy Comparative Advantage, Absolute Advantage Fallacy, Endogenous Advantage, and Bilateral Trade Patterns, due to the nature of its production. Table of Contents Executive Summary 1 Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Brief Research Methods 3 Globalisation 4 Globalisation Challenges and the Company’s Interventions 6 International Trade Theory 7 Comparative Advantage 7 Absolute Advantage Fallacy 7 Endogenous Advantage 8 Bilateral Trade Patterns 8 Recommendations 9 Conclusions 9 Bibliography 10 Appendix 11 Introduction Global business and consultancy are the major considerations for companies seeking success. ...
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