Marketing Planning At Just Us! Cafes Case Study

Marketing Planning At Just Us! Cafes Case Study Essay example
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Table of Contents

Introduction 3
Internal and External Environment of ‘Just Us’ 4
External Analysis at ‘Just Us’ 4
Internal Analysis 7
Ethical Issues Raised in Case 8
Significance of Product Life Cycle (PLC) 8
Problems Associated With Deleting a Product 12


Enhancing Customer Experience and Expanding Loyal Customer Base 13
Integrating New Media to Promote the Brand 17
Conclusion 20
References 22

The case study relates to ‘Just Us’ which began its operations in the year 1996 under the Co-operative Association Act. It initiated as one of the earliest fair trade coffee roasters in Canada. ‘Just Us’ evolved as a worker-owned and operated for-profit coffee co-operative that essentially imported, roasted and sold both wholesale as well as retail fair trade, organic coffee brought from fair trade authorised coffee manufacturers from different parts of the world. The main vision of the company is to be one of the leaders in the Fair Trade business focusing upon quality along with professionalism as well as innovation so that all its stakeholders would be benefited to a great extent (Just Us, 2012). Marketing planning at Just Us is significant because it will try to identify the various challenges that the company face and thus in light of the strengths and opportunities faced by the company, it will be aimed to focus upon how the company’s performance can be enhanced (Just Us, 2012).
The main objective of the study is to discuss the internal as well as external marketing environment of Just Us. The study will also entail the ethical issues that have been raised in the context of the case study. ...
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