Brand: Starbucks "Can the Brand Be Revitalised"

Brand: Starbucks "Can the Brand Be Revitalised" Essay example
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BRAND: STARBUCKS ‘CAN THE BRAND BE REVITALISED’ By <Name of student> <Name of Professor> <Course number and title> <Name of university> <Date of submission> INTRODUCTION: Starbucks is one of the biggest names in the specialty coffee industry. The company is known to be a pioneer of different specialty coffee.


Starbucks has been reporting considerable growth and profit from the beginning of its operations. However, there has been sudden decline in the profits and share prices of the company. There has been different perceptions and views about this decline and downward trends. According to some analysts, the strategy of ongoing expansion of stores has resulted in decreasing the quality of the service and at the same time has cannibalised the overall sales. Along with this the strategy of diversification into different areas like promoting movies, offering hot food, and starting different themed shops have resulted in diluting the overall image of the company. It is also important to consider that the management of the company is so much busy in coming up with new products and services that the core product of the company which is high quality coffee has been neglected. Along with this there has been drastic shift in the level of the quality of the service provided at the outlets. Customers have been complaining about the lost experience which was trademark of Starbucks. In view of all these marketing challenges and issues, management of Starbucks has been looking forward to change the overall positioning of the brand. ...
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