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The Brand Identity Worksheet

Excellence in craftsmanship Durability Difference in design from other brands Relevant with changing trends Excellence, Perfection and Exclusivity (, 2012,p3) Luxury Items and Luxury watches Pioneers of perpetual self winding springs, pioneers of the oyster shell waterproof technology, the first company to be Kew ‘A’ certified. (, 2012,p3)They are masters of perfection in watch works. Perfection, durability, accuracy, precision, world class customer support, prestige and recognition. (, 2012,p3) Class, Social status, Jazzy style statement, Affluent life style, brand-conscious The brand uses authoritative language in that they are the masters of perfection and the first in the business to make wrist watches that achieved impeccable perfection Be specific The text is in white against a green background with a crown in golden colour. Visual style is old-school, aristocratic and symbolic of something which is an antique. Visual style is monarchic, commanding, clear and distinct A crown for every achievement Eric Clapton, Vijay Amritraj - the ambassadors for Rolex. ...
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14 % of overall customer base forming the luxury watch buyers and wearers comprising of rich and affluent people in high posts: ministry, royalty, business-class, rich heirs and heiresses etc. (Mintell Group Ltd., 2012, p1) …
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