Retail Marketers: Organic Food Products

Retail Marketers: Organic Food Products Essay example
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Retail Marketers: Organic Food Products The world is evolving, consumers are evolving. From knowing just what they want to knowing where they can get what they want, the consumer today is well aware and educated about the good and harmful effects certain products can have on their health.


Another aspect is that the consumer is now more aware of what is harming the environment and what is protecting it. He knows that a lot of his activities is causing a depletion of the environmental resources and is harming the future generations. Man also now knows what kind of effect these activities are having on the other forms of wildlife in the world. Man is more compassionate now that he is aware of what his activities are doing to other living beings and is choosing to use natural products over polluting inorganic food items, even if he may have to pay more for it. Organic Food: The needs and wants of consumers Organic foods are becoming more popular by the day. Consumers are choosing to buy naturally grown food products that haven’t been contaminated and synthetically grown. “The term "organic" typically describes food that has been cultivated and/or processed without the use of chemicals of any sort including fertilizers, insecticides, artificial coloring or flavoring and additives”. (Frost 2011). People today say that they have forgotten the real taste of fruits and vegetables since they are just eating pesticide-infused foods that taste more like medicine than fruit. In the long run, this creates a health problem for all that consume it. Pesticides and insecticides cannot be good for anybody’s health. People are also slowly becoming health conscious and want to increase their lifespan. ...
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