Successful Marketing in Japan

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MARKETING Successful marketing in Japan Your name …………………. Course Name and Number …………….. Date of submission …………. Words-count: 2053 Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Mastering the marketing in Japan 3 Factors to be considered by foreign corporations to conduct business in Japan 4 Cost element 4 Knowing the Market 5 Pricing and Inflation 5 Qualified Employees 5 Industry-related factors 5 Country-related factors 6 Product Testing Formalities 6 Cultural myopia 7 How to eliminate cultural myopia?


This piece of paper addresses major factors that are to be considered by foreign businesses that intend to launch their lucrative business in Japan and explain what they should do to respond to the cultural myopia that prevails in Japan. Mastering the marketing in Japan Japan, being the second largest economy of the world, occupies a significant position in almost all industries and business activities worldwide. From the 1940s onwards, the country has been able to build a dominant, modern and internationally-oriented industrial economy which was based on innovative product designs, high quality production, advanced services, increased domestic consumption etc (Genzberger, 1994, p. 1). Japan is not only a strong economy in terms of production, exports, innovation, advanced services etc, but also a powerful market that large numbers of businesses from other countries seek opportunities in Japan. But, administering and mastering the marketing in Japan is considered to be a difficult task. There are different barriers to marketing in Japan. ...
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