Marketing Plan for Product Line

Marketing Plan for Product Line Essay example
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Course: Marketing Name: Course Name: Institution: Date: Professor’s Name: A. Product Support of Mission Statement The mission statement of Company G is: we enable consumers to improve the quality and convenience of their lives by providing high-quality, innovative electronic solutions.


1. How the Selected Small Appliance Supports Company G’s Mission Statement The small appliance supports Company G’s mission statement in several ways. In the first place, the appliances are made using very few materials and little energy. This will boil down to decreased cost of production, and eventually, helping clients purchase them at affordable rates. Beside the aforementioned advantage which will have clients saving their money, the pleasing visual features of design are also likely to excite the passions and happiness of the clients. This happiness is in fact a central part of client’s lives. B. Marketing Objectives 1. The target market for the company’s product is very broad, given that it incorporates all the areas that have undergone electrification. The veracity behind this postulation is elucidated by the fact that the new product can be used in a domestic setting. Given that America is entirely electrified, the whole of it serves as target market. The rest of the developed world, such as the UK and Europe, can also serve as part of the target market, since globalization has become responsible for many multinationals. Multinationals, in turn, have the entire globe, continent, or a regional block serving as target market. 2. ...
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