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Imperial Oil internal and external analysis to develop a strategy for the company for the future in regards their issues - Research Paper Example

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Imperial Oil internal and external analysis to develop a strategy for the company for the future in regards their issues

The Canadian government has made various restrictions in the oil industry in an effort to save the environment and thus the company faces various challenges in terms of freedom.
c. The international Energy Agency states that by the year 2015, the company will only have the ability to produce around 3.4% of the amount of energy required and thus increased pressure on the Canadian government.
a. One of the economic factors affecting the company is the high amount of funds required for the extraction of oil. This sets back the company very much provided the difficult economic conditions experienced by the industry contemporarily.
b. There is also the competitive market that has affected the industry. This is from the confusion that the government has had in an effort to understand which sector of the economy to allocate certain funds.
Bargaining power of customers: There exists a high negative effect of this on the side of the customer. This is from the fact that majority of the industry is a monopoly and thus only the people with a lot of money have the ability to sustain themselves and their requirements.
Imperial oil as stated earlier is one of the most successful oil companies in Canada. Despite its highly placed position in the market, the company still faces a lot of competition from other companies.
Royal Dutch Shell is one of the leading competitors for the company. The company with its headquarters at Hague has made numerous strides to maintain its position among the world leading companies in the sector.
The other major group in its circles is BP. This is one of the oldest companies in the industry, which has made numerous branches all over the world including Canada. The fact that it has had a lot of experience in the field has ensured that the employee’s equities are higher and consequently the output is higher.
Imperial oil is the highest in success rates as compared to the other companies. This is from the fact ...
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The company comes in second in terms of market capitalization of all the firms in the industry. In an effort to understand the running of the company, it is imperative to…
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