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Marketing Mix Strategy Analysis Of Colgate Toothpaste

The decision regarding the product purchasing of the consumers in one of the critical aspects by which future profitability of the company is determined. Regarding this aspect, Colgate takes the decision with respect to what types of the product should be offered in the marketplace. Individual product purchasing decisions are based on product quality, physical features. According to individual product decisions, people of Australia choose Colgate toothpaste products in terms of product branding, attributes, labeling, packaging and product support related services. Moreover, it has been observed that Colgate is considered as a well-recognized brand not only in Australia but also all over the world. It has been observed that in Australia, Colgate offers the wide variety of products along with providing different attributes in the products which facilitate it to satisfy the needs of diverse customers. Individual consumers of this market always choose toothpaste brands on the basis of product features because they are well informed before taking the purchasing decision. It is quite beneficial for the company because it already provides the wide range of product categories along with different packaging styles and designs. In terms of quality and branding, the company has already attained effective goodwill throughout the world as a leading toothpaste brand. Therefore, it is quite convenient for the individual consumers to choose the toothpaste offered by Colgate in terms of quality and features. ...
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The essay "Marketing Mix Strategy Analysis of Colgate Toothpaste" describes the company Colgate-Palmolive is considered the American international consumer corporation. The company is primarily focused on the production, as well as the availability of goods for the home, health and personal care…
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