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Marketing Concepts (Name) (University) (Course) (Tutor) (Date) Abstract This paper is going to look at various concepts in Marketing beginning with the definition of marketing and how it is understood in the business world. It will then look at the concept of integrated marketing communication which is a form of management of marketing tools, messages and customers.


This will be followed by a discussion of the various promotion mix tools that include advertising, personal selling, and sales and promotion. The tools mentioned above will also be reviewed again in the promotion tools giving as an idea of the extent of application. The next part will deal with the implementation of marketing strategies before concluding with a summary of what was discussed in the entire paper. Introduction This paper gives a detailed analysis on marketing issues and activities involved. It defines and gives an overview of what an integrated marketing communication is all about and how they relate to organization. The analysis of the various promotional tools that are put into place and used in marketing are also addressed. The tools looked upon here includes the advertisement, sales promotion and personal selling. These tools are specifically chosen since they are the best promotional tools that bring the expected results. Their associated forms which help in passing the message are also discussed. Finally the paper analyses how the various message strategies are implemented by the organization for their benefit and the benefit of their customers. ...
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