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A situational analysis for BMWi that will help identify the main issues and considerations for the marketing plan. BMWi has the advantage of drawing heavily from brand BMW in terms of customer loyalty. Additionally, the new series has taken a holistic approach in addressing the future needs of the increasingly mobile and technically savvy end user.


It uses cutting-edge material, custom built architectures with future production technologies (Case study: BMWi, 2011). The brand presence is global and has a niche market with dealers representing almost every corner of the world. The company has a loyal database of customers and it also expects an older segment (53 years old) to constitute the majority (84 percent) of their new customers (for BMWi) as against the younger (49 years old) audience for the earlier versions of BMW. However, the average age of its customer base is expected to be lesser than its competitors in Audi and Mercedes. The company constantly engages its loyal customer base through a range of media including TV, YouTube, Facebook, Email, Phone and Website among others. Its social media initiatives for BMWi through its ‘join the conversation’ invitation and a set of about 50 mobile apps through its ‘MyCityWay’ apps initiative to keep the customer updated with the local information is another innovative approach to constantly communicate with their customers. The company also has tied up with the London Olympics, 2012 as an automotive partner to leverage higher exposure for the brand and the new concept car (Case study: BMWi, 2011). Figure 1: Logo- BMW. ...
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