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Marketing Report Students Name: Instructor’s Name Course University Date of Submission Marketing Report Today is the era of technology, where everything is dependent on hi-tech accessories; people pay more attention to what gadgets they have than anything else.


Initially started as just the tool for making and receiving calls, this industry has now developed such cut throat products that could act not only as mere tools of communications but also as the personal assistants to their holders. Such products are more commonly referred to as smart phones, as they are like small networked computers in the form of cell phones, which are high-end, multifunctional, business-centric in structure with high resolution color displays and fast mobile processors (Zheng and Ni, 2006). Today, smart phones are equipped with technology and in built applications that can organize the whole day, access internet from anywhere and manage business appointments, thus making the life of a person much easier than it was possible before. In this cut throat industry, many competitors can be seen fighting to make their products more competitive. Today the main players include Research In Motion (RIM) with their blackberry phones, Apple with iphones, Samsung, Nokia and HTC among many others. All of these industries are competing against each other to achieve maximum market share, but with the launch of every product, one either holds the attention of all the customers or with one glitch, loses all because of the highly competitive environment. ...
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