Comparison of the 4 Ps of Marketing Used by Quizno's and Subway

Comparison of the 4 Ps of Marketing Used by Quizno
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Comparison of the 4P’s of Marketing used by Quiznos and Subway Abstract The marketing mix or 4 P’s is useful in analyzing the strength and weaknesses of two similar companies. In the case of Subway and Quiznos, the ability of Subway to offer better product, price, place and promotion made the company able to earn substantial amount of annual sales and profit as compared to Quiznos.


Today, Subway has approximately 36,266 restaurants in 98 countries around the world (Subway, 2012a). Subway is a private company. Although the company does not give access to their current profits and revenues, the estimated annual sales of Subway restaurant was US$5 billion back in 2005 (Finance Investments, 2011). Quiznos was established back in 1978. Since then, the company managed to operate more than 4,000 stores throughout the United States aside from its stores in more than 40 countries and territories around the world (msnbc, 2010). Unlike Subway, Quiznos had to enter into a financial restructuring plan due to its inability to pay its debt (Bloomberg, 2011). As part of analyzing the differences in the marketing strategies used by these two companies, this report will apply the marketing mix or 4 P’s in the case of Quiznos and Subway. Differences in Marketing Mix or 4 P’s in the case of Quiznos and Subway With regards to product, the quality and variety of food varies in the case of Quiznos and Subway. Even though both companies are able to offer good taste of submarine sandwiches and salad, Subway is considered more competitive as compared to Quiznos in terms of its food variety. ...
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