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Analyzing Global Products Name Institutional affiliation Tutor Date Introduction The H & M industry is a Swedish industry that outsources the non core operations. The firm, a clothing industry, does not own any factory. The industry buys its products from a chain of suppliers that supply them with cloths.


H&M business model focuses on outsourcing and Zara Company uses in-house model to increase its production. This paper aims to conduct an analysis of global products produced by the two organizations. H&M generic business-level strategy Business level strategy is common in organizations that are faced with strong competitors in the market and requires tumbling its built-up costs. The approach allows the firms sell its products at a standard cost around the world. The H & M is in a position to scale down its economic of scale since it produces standard goods (Chris, 2008). The H & M firm conducts a transaction analysis of its products to determine the core problem in the organization, and the analysis fosters the mechanisms used to determine the price of goods by managing the activities within the firms, and lowering the prices as compared to others (Maghok, 2002). The firm conducts a resource based valuation in maintaining its assets values and improves its production. H&M Global strategy H&R coordinates almost 7000 suppliers who are independent. The production officers have a responsibility to make sure that the right price of garment is sold to the customers, and that their invention is conducted in the right condition. ...
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