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Analysis of Promotional Program Situation

This product is hopefully going to sail through the market given its peculiarity, simplicity and integrative capabilities.
There are a number of competing products to the Tablet360. However, the main competition is from the Nokia and Samsung who have by far established a number of related products. Their products are well positioned across the world market. They have a broad market share, towering through a number of countries. Their marketing strategies are vibrant and they have their presence on all the local and international media, in addition to the internet. They are also well promoted through sponsorship of great football clubs that play in the English Premier League. At the moment, there are so many phones and related tablets from these companies with enhanced features such as the touch screen, radio, mobile banking options, TV and the internet among others. (Strauss). In addition, it might be difficult to persuade the huge population that has already embraced these gadgets given the extra expenditure that they may have to incur on Tablet360. However, the saleability of this gadget is almost guaranteed since its features are luxurious, efficient and amazingly economic due to the miniaturized enhancements and the ease of workability. As such, the tablet is estimated to command a market share of about 75% percent in the electronic market if effective advertisement is carried out.
Most of the competitors are marketing their products through the mass media and the internet. (Strauss). In addition they also use the mobile phone short messaging services to spread the awareness of their products. (Christensen and Lægreid). In order to counter this, a more personalized marketing strategy for Tablet360 will have to be adopted. For example, after closing a sale with a buyer of the tablet, he might be given an opportunity to seek for a customer of another tablet with a guaranteed commission. (Strauss). In case the new customer comes, then the same strategy can ...
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The product is hopefully going to be The Super-Thin Touch-Screen “Everything” Card. The device incorporates a number of features found in many electronic gadgets and acts as a one-stop shop for a…
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