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Name Instructor Task Date Amazon (Kindle Fire) Introduction Kind Fire tablet from the Amazon Inc. has gained a lot of popularity from the populace through its best sales and friendly prices for its commodities. According to research concerning the company, it is estimated that it charges around $199 without other forms of taxes and charges (Rohida 4).


In order for it to stay at the top in its sales, more needs to be done to obtain competitive advantage that is essential to get rid of any competition in the prospect. Comparing with the rest of the firms, Kind Fire presents a gap of about $300 for a similar commodity, thus, allowing customers to enjoy significant sales from its target markets. The gap exists because the other firms seek to sell their commodities at $499 while Kind Fire sells its commodity at $199. From the recent market results, Kind Fire has hit a sale of five million in the period terminating on December 2011 although Amazon has already resolved to stop working for this company. In comparison, the market leaders Apple Inc. sold at eleven million for their iPad in the last quarter, thus, presenting an undefeatable upper hand. According to the CEO of Amazon, the company aimed at realizing smaller profits from these devices although in its capacity as the retail company has resolved to dwell in smaller margins a factors that only few electronic firms would manage. Comparing to other firms, Kind Fire from Amazon Inc. has revealed excellent pricing strategies, through price elasticity in order, to keep sales high above most influential firms in the sector. ...
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