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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Organizational Development Intervention The essay evaluates OD intervention for a cloth manufacturing company. The company has been running for 50 years. It deals in apparel for all ages. Its driving force is to make clothes affordable without comprising on quality.


Group level diagnosis The inputs in group level diagnosis include organizational blueprint aspects that are inherent in the entire organization within which the group functions (Cummings and Worley 61). The following characteristics within the organization were identified as affecting group functioning. Technology The company has been in recent times initiated an upgrading program to increase the efficiency of the communication system. This includes the purchases of computer, networking and elevating internet bandwidth including an upgrade to HP Integrity BL860c i2 OpenVMS and CAD. The project has cost the company $250, 000. Other technological improvements include the purchases of new sewing machines and increasing the length of the processing line. Nevertheless, mid level employees are especially dissatisfied since the communication system changes do not meet their suggested quality. They opine that the internet connection is quite slow and is affecting them. The latest machines in the processing line are difficult to operate since no prior training was availed. This was emphasized by the 73% of factory employees who were dissatisfied by the situation. Structure The company has five major divisions dealing with HR, procurement, designing, manufacturing, and marketing. All the heads of the divisions answer to the president. However, within each division, there are groups with varied tasks. ...
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