Understanding the Factors Affecting the Influence of Children on Their Parents' Total Purchases

Understanding the Factors Affecting the Influence of Children on Their Parents
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UNDERSTANDING THE FACTORS AFFECTING THE INFLUENCE OF CHILDREN ON THEIR PARENTS’ TOTAL PURCHASES by Paul R. Tomko Dr. Clifford Butler, PhD, Faculty Mentor and Chair Dr. Christopher Lucarelli, PhD, Committee Member Dr. Linda Dell’Osso, PhD, Committee Member William A.


Marketing researches in the past couple of decades have focused on the how the children are involved in the household decision making, in which stages and in which product categories. This study aimed to identify if and how particular demographic characteristics play a role in the influence that children have on their parents’ weekly purchases. The demographic characteristics tested for this study included: (a) socioeconomic status of the parents, (b) parental education level, (c) religion, (d) gender of the child, and (e) age of the child. For this purpose, a quantitative, non-experimental study was designed using hierarchical multiple linear regression and analysis of variance to test hypotheses and answer the research question. A stratified random sample of 343 participants was surveyed and hypotheses were tested. The results showed a relationship between total weekly influenced parental purchases and the demographic characteristics; furthermore, socioeconomic status, parental educational levels, gender and age of child all affected the extent of influence that the children had on their parents’ purchases. The findings of this research reveal important insights about children as influencers and active developing decision makers. ...
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