Importance of Organizations to find our the Needs and Wants of its Customers

Importance of Organizations to find our the Needs and Wants of its Customers  Essay example
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Running Head: Qualitative and quantitative research on importance for organizations to find out the needs and wants of its customers Name: Course Name: Course Instructor: Date: Introduction Qualitative and quantitative research methods are two distinct terms that describe two distinct methods of collecting data in order to gain information.


Here, both qualitative (focus groups) and quantitative research (survey) methods can be applied to gain information on whether it is important for organizations to seek out customer’s needs and wants about a particular service in the market. Our needs make up our survival kit while wants are the desires we have towards a particular good or service. According to (Davies 2005 pp98), most of our needs and wants are satisfied by products and services in the market once we purchase them. For full customer satisfaction, it is important for the providers of these services to have knowledge of what sells best in the market for the customer to go for. In order to achieve this knowledge, marketing research has to be done by the various companies providing these services in order to understand the choice and preferences of its customers in order for the company to compete effectively in the market. The following are some of the differences between the two research methods commonly used today. Some of the differences between qualitative and quantitative research methods Qualitative research seeks out the why but not how things happen throughout the analysis of unstructured information. It does not rely on the numbers or statistics like in quantitative research. ...
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