Strategic Marketing Proposal

 Strategic Marketing Proposal Essay example
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Contents Contents 1 1.0.Executive Summary 2 2.0.Situational Analysis 4 3.0.Key Objectives 5 3.1.Quantitative Goals of Salad Creations 5 3.2.Qualitative Goals and Objectives of Salad Creations 6 4.0.Marketing Strategies 6 4.1.Product 6 4.2.Pricing 7 4.3.Promotion 7 4.4.Web Strategies 7 5.0.Market Research 8 6.0.


Executive Summary Salad Creations has been offering fresh and natural salads in different parts of United States for years. Considering the response of the customers in United States, the company has planned to expand its services in United Kingdom as well. There are lots of reasons behind the success of Salad Creations in United States and the company would be highly relying on the brand image and management expertise to make the brand successful in London as well as it plans to expand. Salad Creations offer fresh and healthy salads. Different variety is available for customers to choose from and even if they do not like any of these, then the company gives them the freedom to prepare their own salads. Although, in United Kingdom there are few competitors offering fresh salad but considering the market research and response of the target market, the management feels that London would be the best suited area for opening a new store in the European Union. The management plans to make use of different marketing channels and has devised different short term as well as long term objectives. Strategies have been devised to achieve these objectives by the management. ...
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