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Harley-Davidson in 2004..2011?

The global market consumers consider all the factors while purchasing the motorbikes because the motorbikes in most of the countries are used by means of transport or the consumers who does not afford the cost of maintaining car:
The motorbike industry of US is different from the international market because the US consumers do not use the motorbikes by means of transport. So US consumers do not consider all the above factors except superior quality.
Every country has its own economic conditions that are different from the other country. In motorbike industry of under developing countries the consumers consider these factors: cheap in cost, average in quality, fuel efficient and spare parts available at cheap prices. And in the developed countries the focus of the consumers on superior quality, innovative features and designs etc. the economic conditions of a country creates a big difference in the consumer preferences.
2.1-The motorbike industry is growing very fast for the last two decades and now the total number of motorbikes in the world is around 200 million. It’s a very huge market with a huge growth every year. Many bug multinational entering in this fast growing market because in the under developing countries motorbikes is used as a means of transport and in developed countries it is used with a broad perception. Harley Davidson associates its brand image with life style of customers. Its market is increasing because today’s consumer associate it self with the product’s characteristics to build its personal image as a products image. This trend makes the market of Harley Davidson more effective and appealing.
Harley Davidson is most selling motorbike brand in US market and containing a highest market share in the US motorbike industry. The sales and the market share of Harley Davidson in the US motorbike industry ...
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This report is conducted to analyze the performance of Harley Davidson in the US market and in the global market along with and the challenges faced by the…
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