Consumer behaviour, learning and purchase decisions

Consumer behaviour, learning and purchase decisions Essay example
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Consumer behaviour, learning and purchase decisions
The method by which consumers learn and imprint stimulus or scenarios on memory have the ability to radically shift marketing premise and concept, especially as it relates to advertising and brand strategy.


The Kit Kat candy bar, however, is convenience-priced and generally an impulsive strategy based on store position and advertising associated with the display units. This paper looks at the concepts of learning, consumer behaviour, and purchasing decisions to understand the impact of these characteristics on marketing strategy for products in radically different industries and ad strategies. The tasks completed include the production of effective marketing policies for Kit Kat and BMW based on elements of learning and memory. Learning and Memory The basis of learning as it pertains to marketing is drive and motivation. Drive is “any strong stimulus that impels action…relying on a cue in the environment to determine the nature of the consumer’s response to a drive” (Boone & Kurtz, 2007, p.173). Learning and the relevancy of environment are large predictors of motivation once a marketer understands the dynamics of their target market, usually psychographic profiles. There is a concept in psychology related to memory and learning known as the social learning theory. Under this concept, individuals have a tendency to model the behaviours of others when they witness reward for these actions (Neubert, Carlson, Kacmar, Roberts & Chonko, 2009). ...
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