Competitor Analysis- Mcdonald's

Competitor Analysis- Mcdonald
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Competitor Analysis – McDonald’s Name University Competition drives the market dynamics of an industry. Different strategies are to be effective in diversified market competition scenario. Business managers have an eager eye on the current and potential competition prevailing in the environment.


It operates correspondingly through a chain of restaurants, company operated and franchised across the world. Michael Porter presented a framework for analyzing competitor. The key aspects that Porter discussed are Competitors objective, Competitors assumptions, Competitors strategy and his Capabilities. In simple terms one should analyze his competitor’s strengths and weaknesses to draft his own strategy. Although both the fast food giants belong to the same family, but have specialization in different nature of products served. McDonald’s are famous for their Hamburgers and other’s in the Burger family, while KFC specializes in fried chicken. Both the corporations have the same geographical reach in the world and strong brand recognition. To its added advantage McDonald’s is listed in the NYSE giving it room for more growth through access to an enormous fund pool (McDonald’s Official Website, 2011; Porter, 2004). Toady due to its rapid expansion McDonald’s have its presence in 119 countries with an employee base above 400,000 worldwide. KFC on the other hand has similar presence but with an employee base little above 25,000. It may be small in size but has been the most successful fried chicken chain in the world. Due to his excellence in chicken products it has not faced any social issues till date. ...
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