Marketing Mix Strategies of Nike and Reebok in India

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Name “Case Study: Nike and Reebok” Module Marketing mix is a very important part in crafting marketing strategy of a company. Many companies who do not focus on their marketing mix well enough face troubles. There are a lot of perils for a company that does not devise an excellent marketing mix strategy for its target customers.


In the case of Nike and Reebok, it is also more about the marketing mix strategies of the two brands than their product offerings. Both companies were producing excellent products, but the differentiating factor between their success and failure had has been their marketing mix strategies. Reebok was a quick learner and it quickly shifted its focus on the marketing mix of its product, whereas it took several years for Nike to adjust its marketing mix in India. Indians are different from the other nations of the world, just like other nations are different from Indians, and hence every nation in the world has different preference in terms of prices they are paying for a category of product, the place they want to buy the product from, and the marketing efforts that would arouse them to make a purchase. Examining the marketing strategies of Nike and Reebok, one can see that their products are almost similar. Both businesses are in the business of producing sportswear and lifestyle product. Similarities between the two companies do not end here. Another common factor between the two giants in sportswear industry was their willingness to target the elite or premium sector of the society. Both company opposed the strategy of targeting masses and instead went for targeting the elites of the society. ...
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