Flying on a Full Service Airline as Opposed Low Fair Discount Carrier

Flying on a Full Service Airline as Opposed Low Fair Discount Carrier Term Paper example
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Flying on a full service airline as opposed to low fare discount carrier Table of Content Company Overview 4 Executive Summary of Marketing Plan 4 Description of Target Market 5 Geographic Segmentation 5 Demographic Segmentation 6 Psychographic Segmentation 6 Behavioral Segmentation 6 Description of Competitors 7 Description of Products and Services 8 Marketing Budget 9 Description of Location 10 Pricing Strategy 11 Summary and Implementation Plan 12 Reference 14 Company Overview Southwest Airlines founded in 1971 is the largest airline in USA.


The airline is home to more than 35000 employees who are the backbone of the airline company. The employees are provided with friendly working environment to help them deliver the best services to the customers. Southwest Airlines has further strengthened itself by acquiring the Air Tran Airways in 2011. The mission of the company has been to deliver the best quality services to its customers at low price which has enabled the airline to grab a large market share. Executive Summary of Marketing Plan The marketing strategy is an important aspect for the company to launch a new product. The marketing strategy involves factors like target market which hold the key to success for the new airline in the competitive airline industry. It gives the airline company the leverage to target the desired market. Competitor description and the analysis of direct and indirect competitors is also an important part of a marketing plan. The strategy followed by the competitors and its weakness can provide the airline company advantage. ...
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