Background to Media Plan of Unpackaged Grocery Retailers

Background to Media Plan of Unpackaged Grocery Retailers Essay example
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Background to Media Plan of Unpackaged Grocery Retailers Unpackaged Grocery Retailers is one of the grocery retailers in London, which allow the customers to purchase items free of package. They are always “encouraging the customers” (Unpackaged 2010) for a shopping that is package free.


“Media planning - is the choice of optimal channel advertising (advertising contacts), conducted in order to maximize the effectiveness of advertising campaigns” (What is a Media Plan? n.d.). Situation Analysis: About Unpackaged and its Products: Unpackaged, is an organic grocery store set up locally in North London in the year 2007. (Unpackaged: Using Less Wasteful Packaging n.d.). It makes use of the design which helps its local customers to purchase products using less wasteful packages, and thus helps them to remain more eco- friendly. Unpackaged sells environmentally friendly standard mass items such as grains, sugars, flours, spices, and the traditional grocery products like oil, milk, eggs, cheese, wine, and beer. “Unpackaged was founded in 2006 by Catherine Conway,” who recognized that it is important to work with designers to be more successful for the plan of alternative to supermarket shopping” (Unpackaged n.d.). With the aid of design agency Conway managed to develop a strong brand and certain new ways of shopping. Unpackaged began its operation “as a market stall at Exmouth Market” (Easy Tips to Being Greener (and Better off)! 2007) with Conway pointing out the type of grocery people like to buy loose and “lots of feedback from customers” (Diamond 2012) regarding the reasons behind to stay off from buying Unpackaged products. ...
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