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Term Paper example - Social media - internet forum,email and picture sharing

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At the present,almost all the business organizations are well aware of the fact that the use of the Internet can be very helpful for better serving customers and reaching into the international markets…

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At the present, almost all the business organizations are well aware of the fact that the use of the Internet can be very helpful for better serving customers and reaching into the international markets. When the size and business of a company expands the need for the distribution of these products to their target customers also increases. In this scenario, the Internet marketing is the most excellent way that offers higher potency and access to international markets for the marketing of products. On the other hand, traditional marketing and its techniques have turned out to be less efficient to defeat the need for more targeted and wide marketing. In addition, with the emergence of the Internet, the techniques of marketing not only have changed but also improved amazingly, and at the present business organization are more talented in telling their stories and carrying out their marketing communications out there (Rao, Salam and DosSantos; Summers, Gardiner and Lamb; Watson, Zinkhan and Pitt). This paper presents an overview of some of the important marketing and advertising techniques such as email, internet forums and picture sharing. The basic aim of this research is to show how these marketing techniques can play a significant role in business marketing. Changing Trend in Advertisement and Promotion As discussed in the above section, in the past few years the majority of business organizations have started making use of the Internet to reach worldwide customers and access international markets without spending a lot of money. ...
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