Above-The-Line and Below-The-Line Advertising. Are they still Relevant?

Above-The-Line and Below-The-Line Advertising. Are they still Relevant?  Essay example
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Promotion involves all kinds of marketing communication activities, from defining communication objectives and target audience, to selecting communication channels, and identifying the size of communication budget


4).Traditionally, promotional activities are divided into above-the-line (ATL) and below-the-line (BTL). Mass media advertising through television, newspapers, radio, cinema, and outdoor advertising are above-the-line or ATL. All new communication tools are regarded as below-the-line or BTL measures (Muller, Florian, and Daniel, 2011, p. 4). Advertising is the most critical communication tool in the marketing mix (Meffert, Burmann, and Kirchgeorg, 2008).The terms ATL and BTL advertising came from agencies' balance sheets where different types of media are listed. Agency received a commission for ATL activities from media, while a separate fee is taken for BTL activities (Brierley, 2005, p.42). Despite its history, the division is fading as marketers' prefer a 3600 approach for their marketing activities today. This paper explores the terms above-the-line and below-the-line and their relevance, and identifies that the division is irrelevant when it comes to today's marketing practices. Above The Line Advertising Right from the early days, advertising activities are classified as: above-the-line (ATL) or below-the-line (BTL). Generally, mass media advertising is considered to be above the line advertising. It is conducted through television, newspapers, radio, and internet (Gaerig, 2012). ...
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