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Media, marketing and advertisment

This is more compounded in the fact that marketers have increasingly stated that with advancement in advertising, the level of copying by target audience or consumers need to be scrutinized. This is given that some pundits have constantly argued that consumers tend to be inexperienced with technology (AMS 2011). It is increasingly clear that a consumer in the modern world is exposed to a number of choices emanating from adverts and marketing. This comes with a number of dimensions as we live in a postmodern world and attempt at building a culture of consumers being the driver of decisions and processes that manufacturers and distributors engage in.
Postmodernism as an age and a phenomenon had increasingly bore the greatest responsibility as far as consumerism is concerned. In the United Kingdom for instance, a number of departmental stores have cropped up in response to consumerism (Hincliffe 2009). Hincliffe (2009) again notes that one of the escalating habits nowadays is that with the arrival of convenience stores, people spend a great deal of their money shopping in supermarkets and the decisions they make have to do with adverts they see in the media, whether mainstream or otherwise. ...
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Just like money, advertisements and media in general make the world go round. This cannot be truer especially with the fact that consumers would not be aware of product and services’ availability, content and usage. This is how advertising and marketing are important…
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