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Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods

Broadly, research methods are divided into two categories namely quantitative research method and qualitative research method. Both are different in nature and have different applicability. Both the methods find their applications in different disciplines and have strengths and shortcomings in various domains. There are certain pre requisites that apply to each of them and each of them underlines a specific method of implementation. Qualitative research method: This method of research is subjective in nature which mostly contains case studies, interviews, unlike quantitative methods the outcomes are in textual form and not in digits and statistical values. Questions like why, where when who are touched upon by this type of research method. Qualitative approach is scientific in nature and may not have a fixed deterministic solution by end of research conducted. Such research can be helpful in studying the behaviors, approach, their fears and concerns including natural response, dealing with opinions and possibly culture oriented issues. While quantitative research provides fixed results, their counterpart lay foundation for the study and research beyond the point where the scope of quantitative research ends. Such research approaches are inductive in nature and the mode of language used is informal .Furthermore, qualitative research is most suited to the initial stages (Merriam, 2009). ...
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Quantitative and Qualitative research methods Research in general is a process of instigating a subject critically and studying it from different dimensions with focus on all probable outcomes and possibilities. The scope of research is very broad and applies to every discipline of life…
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