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Planning for any company can sometimes be complex. Strategic planning today often requires collaboration with other firms while…

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The marketing planning process needs the harmonization of open- based decisions at the peak of the commercial level with more closely distinct actions at the bottom. At the apex are vital corporate decisions dealing with the firms mission, visualization, goals, and the allocation of resources in the midst of business units. Planning at this stage involves decisions concerning the divestment of the business units themselves.
These decisions drop down the corporate constitution to the business-unit level, where planning is mainly focused on achieving the objectives inside defined product markets. To achieve this, the marketing department must be able to receive high quality goods from the production department while still the production department needs qualified personnel from the human recourse. Thus crucial planning and decision making usually originates at the bottom of the organizations structure. It is at this stage where a firm puts into operation the planned decisions regarding marketing strategy as well as marketing plans. This report seeks to identify the relationship of marketing in strategic planning to build profitable customer relations. Also, it will highlight on negative impacts of a biased marketing plan.
For a long time now, managers and academics have tried to differentiate productive from unproductive companies. The answer lies in the firm’s ability to bring greater customer significance, thus outperforming the competitors in the view of the customer, (Grönroos, 1994). Strategic marketing is the instrument for making choices with regard to the client value for a target audience. By the use of segmentation and positioning, strategic marketing assist in targeting a companys marketing tools to achieve the market and marketing objectives formulated, (Wehrli, 1994).
Kotler defines Customer value as customers feelings about the products received from a firm ...
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