People, Organizations and Management

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People, Organizations and Management Name: Institution: People, Organizations and Management Instruction The key objective of running an organization is to make profit. This can only be achieved through reduction of expenditure, and at the same time improving or maintaining output of the firm.


The strategic management of human resources has been a rapidly growing area, in research, within human resources. There have been numerous links between the HR and the firm’s performance. In choosing of an effective managerial structure, and setting of an organization structure, teamwork and team working are the fundamental areas that should be observed. This should also include organizational design and structure, and organizational culture. No management system can work effectively if these fundamental areas are not effectively analyzed, since they play a significant roles, in the making of a good management system, which is crucial to the achievement of organization’s objectives. This paper seeks to compare and contrast two management systems, and discuss the differences with respect to the three fundamental areas of management. Teamwork and team working Effective teams, which continue to work towards a unified objective, are the foundation of every organization’s success. Every team member should create a culture of trust and positive energy. For any team to achieve its objective, its members should set aside their personal differences and interests. If the success of an organization is largely influenced by the quality of its leaders, the level of teamwork displayed by a team is influenced by efforts of the people who compose it. ...
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